Description of our services

Linney Strategies possesses a breadth and depth of expertise

Delivery of an end to end service encompassing:-

  • Strategy development
  • Planning
  • Implementation of sustainable change within strict and demanding time frames

Enables your business to improve its financial and people performance by:-

  • accelerating the acceptance and implementation of change
  • applying and leveraging industrial relations environmental factors and experience to create positive outcomes; and
  • building strong, results oriented relationships between businesses and their people.

Utilising two critical key levers:-

  • the strategy lever – capabilities, planning and resource allocation; and
  • the culture lever – people, values and behaviour, with the focus on building commitment

“The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed”
(William Gibson)

Benefits of using our services

By adopting a proven path you can achieve:-

  • More constructive workplace relations through the enhanced understanding and effective implementation of requirements under the Fair Work Act
  • Better outcomes through utilizing John’s deep knowledge of the current industrial landscape including contingency planning, engaging and managing trade unions, resolution of complex collective bargaining scenarios and understanding mindsets
  • A reduction of industrial confrontation through the strategic management of union issues
  • Large scale transformational people strategies and interventions

Ensuring your critical people interests are managed:-

  • Increased shareholder value arising from sustained profitable growth;
  • Collaboration with, and mentoring of, senior management teams in the development and implementation of critical business initiatives;
  • Employee engagement to build consensus and drive creative solutions that meet short, medium and long-term goals;
  • Enhanced customer value through efficient processes and structures
  • Executive Mentoring throughout the process or as a separate service


What makes us unique

Competitive differentiators of Linney Strategies include:-

  • In your dealings, you always get the principal
  • An extensive network of government, union and business contacts through years of quality service
  • Deeply rooted knowledge of the Australian Industrial Relations landscape including an intimate understanding of the fundamentals of the Australian trade union movement
  • Demonstrated capability to develop, articulate, plan and implement large scale people change strategies in difficult industrial environments
  • A passionate interest in people and their behaviour and their direct relationship to business outcomes
  • Leading edge research of, and commentary on, Australian and global trends in people and organisational change
  • A deep understanding of the generational and demographic influences on business outcomes and the reality that competitive advantage continues to lie in an engaged workforce

Recent developments

FWA Training – tailored to suit your business and your needs

Tailored, practical and relevant training programs on the Fair Work Act for senior executives, managers and line personnel can be provided to avoid potential pitfalls.

Businesses can be caught off-guard by a lack of:-

  • familiarity with the legislation and its impact on the centralized functions and across different operational areas where managers and supervisors will be responsible (eg unfair dismissal, individual rights at work, right of entry and more);
  • a forward planning strategy; and
  • investment in educating management.

Companies need two things:-

  • people who understand the implications of the legislation, particularly from a practical point of view.
  • a plan to manage those implications so the business and its people all benefit.

The FWA training offered by Linney Strategies can be delivered in-house to suit the specific needs of your business and advance its strategic objectives. A combined approach of training and strategic advice can deliver a competitive advantage to your company.
Linney Strategies is able to assist you in both respects. Experienced in conducting training courses and advice on strategy development and implementation, Linney Strategies can provide key support to ensure that the implications of the legislation are understood and effectively managed.